Our Vision

ResQTronics believes that emergency services and tactical operators can benefit tremendously from the application of technology. The development of rugged embedded systems will not only improve operational abilities but will undoubtedly save the lives of our responders and operators. The Internet of Things is the future of device communication platforms and ResQTronics is forging ahead with the world's first dedicated IoT platform for emergency, disaster, and tactical response.

Our Story

ResQTronics began with a chance meeting. In 2011, Kenny and Bill were stationed at the same location (though with different services). Kenny was tinkering with a drone autopilot system when Bill remarked how the ground control station software would make a great way to track ground assets as well. A few days later, Kenny and Bill were testing the idea using breadboard components. Bill drove around Kingsport with his arm out the window holding a prototype onto the roof of his car, while Kenny tracked Bill from a stationary location.

Once the concept was validated, development began in earnest.

Today, ResQTronics develops a wide array of rugged embedded systems for firefighters, EMS, rescue techs, police, military, security, utility, construction, and humanitarian groups.



Meet the Team

ResQTronics was founded and run by three first responders with over 50 years combined field experience in fire, EMS, and rescue.

Kenny Cornett

Co-Founder / Hardware Guy

Kenny is the lead hardware and mechanical developer for ResQTronics. Kenny has several years experience in fire, EMS, and rescue. Currently, Kenny is a consultant in the design and manufacturing space. When not cooking up inventions, Kenny can be found at home with his wife Julie.

Bill Donoho

Co-Founder / Rescue Expert

Bill is the subject matter expert for ResQTronics. Bill has over 30 years experience in fire, EMS, and rescue operations. Bill is currently a driver/engineer for Kingsport Fire Department where he also manages the rope rescue equipment and is a member of the tactical rescue teams. Bill is an avid musician and frequently plays his hammered dulcimer for public events. As a father, Bill has two kids and is married to his wonderful wife Mandy.

Jim Garbe

Co-Founder / Software Guy

Jim is the resident software developer at ResQTronics. Jim also has decades experience in fire, EMS, and rescue. Currently, Jim works as a frontline medic for Sullivan County EMS. Jim is an extraordinary chef and a master bread baker. Often times, Jim will hand-craft cinnamon rolls in the station house for all the crews to enjoy. When he's at home, Jim is father to three kids and husband to his wife Theresa.